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Hans Heating and Air are proud to be a Nexia Home Intelligence dealer. Nexia Home Intelligence is a company that offers home automation plans.  They work with products from a number of different manufacturers and serves as the coordination (the Nexia Bridge) to allow home automation devices to communicate with each other as well as to Internet-enabled devices such as computers and cell phones.  The basic premise of home automation technology is allowing you to simplify and streamline daily tasks by connecting smart products in your home from the internet.  Home automation has been growing in popularity over the last few years as it has become more affordable, easier to set up, and more simple to use.

Nexia has grouped home automation systems into three basic categories to make it easier to understand: monitored security, self-monitored security/home automation network, and custom home automation.  Monitored security is a home alarm system monitored by a third-party provider who contacts the appropriate responders (fire, police) when an alarm is triggered.  self-monitored security/ home automation networks can be installed and maintained by the homeowner and enable remote control and monitoring via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. These systems typically have a “hub” or “gateway” in the home that wirelessly speaks to the smart products throughout the home. Nexia falls into this category.  Custom home automation typically includes monitored security, options for managing entertainment and media systems, and whole-home integration. These custom systems are designed and installed by professionals and may require a high, upfront investment.

Products included in home automation include:home-automation

  • Sensors
  • Bridge
  • Video
  • Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Lighting and small appliance

Nexia provides choices of each of these from a number of different manufacturers, all of whom have been selected for brands that are innovative and reputable.

Nexia offers a wide range of easy-to-install and use products and configurations.  A subscription to Nexia is affordable up to $15.00 per month (to control your thermostat and modules is free), including a free downloadable app that provides for more than just remote control. Nexia’s philosophy includes the statement “Nexia™ Home Intelligence is there for you when you need it. So is the support behind it.”